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Healthier glowing tan NO matter the Season

We, at Skies Azul, value quality both in service and products. That's why we chose an organic tanning sunless solution such as AVIVA. Organic Tan FAQ Aviva Labs is a spinoff of a biotech company.  The AVIVA solutions are formulated specifically to target the high standards dermatologists would seek. Most competitors' solutions contain 25-32 ingredients, some even 40 ingredients. Aviva Labs' formula contains just 13 ingredients. Because AVIVA have the world's healthiest spray tan solution, more dermatology clinics choose them over any other sunless brand. Aviva Lab's company motto is "Beauty Today. Health for Life." Why is it important to have an Oil-Free formula? Oil (usually Aloe Vera) is used in most competitors' sunless tanning formulas but not ours. Aloe is a fantastic...

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